Birthday Date Ideas

Birthday Cake IdeaA birthday is an important date to remember in any relationship, but it is most especially important to remember in a romantic relationship. Besides a special birthday gift and birthday card given to celebrate the occasion, there are several ideas of ways to make your loved one’s birthday a memorable event. Many people want to make this kind of good impression on their loved one, but are not sure where to start as far as ideas for a celebration for your loved one. Below are a few birthday date ideas that can help you make an unforgettable bday celebration for your loved one.

Date Ideas for a Birthday

confetti-for-birthdaysBig Time Blowout: If your loved one is a people person, take him or her to a secret location and have a surprise party there waiting for him or her. Inviting friends and family can be a great way to make an excellent memory for them. Music, balloons, food, and great games can all be a way to remember your loved one’s special day.

Intimate Dinner for Two: If your significant other is not the big crowd type, a great way to commemorate a birthday occasion is to have an intimate dinner for two in a favorite restaurant. Additionally, if you are in the same city as you were when you first met, take your date to the same restaurant you went to for your very first date. Maybe take him or her to the place you went when you first became a serious couple Little Birthday-Champagnereminders like this will make great impression on your sweetheart.

Intimate Dinner for Two II: Another romantic way to celebrate a birthday with a dinner for two is to play chef and cook an entire meal for your loved one. This will make an huge impact on him or her. Cooking for someone adds an intimate personal touch to dinner.

Use the 4 Seasons to your advantage:
winter-date-ideaWinter: If your loved one’s birthday is in the winter time, take him or her on a sleigh ride pulled by Clydesdale horses. Grab a blanket and some gloves and take a romantic trot around a lit up city at night. There is nothing like snuggling close with your loved one to bring contentment and intimacy into the relationship. Bring a cup of hot chocolate along to complete the whole picture.
Spring: Spring birthdays are terrific because a great birthday date is a picnic by a stream, in a park, on the beach, or in another natural setting. Pack sandwiches and chips or fried chicken and potato salad, hop in the car and head for the nearest place you can spread out a blanket. Add a bottle of good wine and you have an excellent romantic birthday date.
summer birthday sunSummer: Summertime birthdays are great because birthday dates can be boat rides on a lake, swimming, and many other summertime activities. Rent boat for your loved one’s birthday and take him or her on a tour of a local lake to spot wild life, or just to get a great tan.
Fall: Fall birthdays are good too. My favorite fall birthday date would be to go for a walk through a forest where the leaves were distinctly showing color changes. This is a very romantic and intimate date, and a walk is the perfect way to get closer to your loved one.

Use your loved ones interests: Use your loved one’s interests to make a memorable night for him or her. For example, if your man likes hockey, a great gift would be hockey tickets to a game with his favorite team. If your girl likes the theatre, get her dressed up and go to a show. Whatever you decide to do for your significant other’s birthday date, keep his or her personality in mind. The more thoughtful you are about a date for your loved one’s birthday, the more appreciative they will be toward the obvious effort you made to make a special event out of their special day. Be creative with your birthday date ideas!