Fun & Romantic Date Ideas in Florida (FL)


It is widely known that Florida (FL) is famous for its fun in the sun. If you are looking for beautiful, sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and a tropical atmosphere, the Sunshine State has all of this in spades and so much more to offer for you and your date. Aside from the ocean, water features like lakes, streams, rivers, and natural springs are famous attractions for fishing, swimming, and boating. With the gorgeous weather, outdoor activities are in plentiful supply. The most popular outings include surfing, biking, camping, and hiking among many others.

Maybe you are longing to check out the city life. Florida has that too. With huge cities like Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville, there are many ways to stay entertained in an urban setting. In the mood for an evening of dancing? Perhaps you and your sweetie are feeling more like a quiet dinner in a cozy restaurant. Whatever you are interested in, Florida is the state that can fulfill your desires. You are sure to have memorable times that will stay with you and your partner and will not soon be forgotten.