Double Your Dating

Double Your Dating is a book that was written by David DeAngelo to teach a person exactly how to attract anyone he or she desires. One aspect that is focused on is building a rapport with someone you are interested in. While this book may be great advice for someone looking to get a date or to be more successful on the dating scene, if you already have a significant other the capture isn’t the goal of the relationship anymore. Now you are looking for ways to keep your partner or to keep your relationship new, fresh, and exciting.

Another interpretation of double your dating could be not how to get dates or to attract someone, but to double the “date nights” and special time you spend with your loved one in order to make the relationship thrive. There are several reasons to increase the time you spend with your significant other outside of the ordinary. First, most importantly, it brings you closer as a couple. Second, you get out and see sights you might not normally see. Finally, it keeps the relationship from getting boring.

The first benefit of doubling or at least substantially increasing the dates you have out with your honey is that you will become closer as a couple. The focus of this reason doesn’t even have to be romance. Just spending time where you are only focused on each other is a great environment to get the chance to talk and find out how everything is going in life. Many times with the hustle and bustle life can put us through, we don’t seem to ask each other how things are going. Sometimes, couples pass each other coming and going to different events or work and they don’t stop and find out exactly what is going on with each other. Increasing date nights where there are no distractions is an ideal situation to be able to get closer as a couple.

Another advantage to taking your sweetie out on a more often and regular basis is that you get to see sights and experience things that you might not normally see or do. Get creative with your date ideas, and you will soon find that there are many more things out there to do than you ever thought. If you are reasonable and are resourceful, you will find that you can even have these great date nights on a budget so that you don’t break the bank getting to know each other all over again. Also, be willing to embrace new things. Do things that are new for both of you. Experiencing new things together will only strengthen your bond.

One final reason to increase dating frequency with your loved one is that it will keep the relationship exciting. Especially after a couple is together for any significant length of time, they begin to feel so comfortable with their mate that they stop trying – stop trying to impress each other, stop trying to be spontaneous. Sometimes, this can be detrimental to a relationship. With no one making an effort to please the other in the relationship, boredom is a possibility, and it can rapidly take over a couple without them even realizing it at first. Prevent boredom and you will both be much more satisfied with the course your relationship is taking. Instead of feeling obligated to spend time with your loved one, you will feel compelled because of interest.

While DeAngelo’s book Double Your Dating was written with getting dates in mind, if you already have a loved one, and you simply want to keep your relationship new and exciting, increasing the one-on-one time that you are spending with your significant other can have several benefits. It can help you to become closer to your mate, embrace new experiences, and keep the relationship from getting boring.