First Date Ideas & Second Date Ideas

First date ideas need to be unique, creative, and fun. There is plenty of pressure when you are getting ready to go on your first date with someone. If you have been going out with a person for awhile or if you have gotten married, there is still pressure for the dates you take your significant other on to turn out right. But there is nothing quite like the pressure of a first date.

After all, even if you have a fun first date idea, if is not successful, it damages your chances of going out with the person again on a second date, or any date after that, for that matter. Because of this, it is imperative that you have a great first date idea to make sure something does not go wrong.

The reason you want 1st date to turn out right is because this definitely increases the chances that your date will say “Yes!” when you ask him or her out on 2nd date. This is when you will get to try out one of several second date ideas. A first date can be very special to a relationship because this occasion is a night that is often looked back upon when the relationship progresses far beyond a first date.

While the little things that can go wrong on a first date are often laughed at and remembered endearingly down the road in a relationship, the ideal situation is that your loved one remembers how everything about that event went perfectly and without a hitch. Many times, when a couple looks back on their first date, they often remember how romantic it was.

Sometimes having a romantic first date idea is a good first date idea. It is really your preference whether you come up with a fun first date idea or a romantic first date idea. If you are lucky, picking one or the other will not matter because you will go on a date that is both romantic and fun. Luckily, first date ideas can often be interchanged with second date ideas.

10 Ideas for a First or Second Date

  1. Mini Golf: Try out a few rounds of Mini Golf. Getting silly on a Mini Golf course can be a great first date idea to break the ice with a new person that you are seeing. It is also a good way to continue to have a great time with each other on a second date.
  2. Comedy Show: Spending the entire evening sitting side by side laughing with someone you really want to get to know is on of many great first date ideas. There is nothing better than laughing to dispel any anxiety or tension that usually comes with a first date.
  3. Ice Cream: If you are leery of spending an entire evening on the first date and just wish to start small, a great way to do that is to go out to a local ice cream shop and have a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream together. This is a terrific way to begin a relationship with baby steps.
  4. Concert: While you must choose the type of music carefully to allow an atmosphere that is conducive to communication. Perhaps an outdoor jazz festival or other smooth type of music so you can talk and learn about each other. A first date question to ask would be details about what he or she does for a living. Other questions to ask on a first date would be what his or her likes or dislikes are. First date conversation is very important.
  5. Dinner Theater: This first date idea combines dinner with entertainment; what a deal! This is a great date idea for a shy person because on this first date or second date, which ever you choose it to be, the focus will primarily be on the entertainment and not directly on you. This can help if it takes you a few dates to be comfortable with someone.
  6. Museum: Visit a local art, science, music, or history museum together for the first date or second date. This helps especially if you are both fans of one of these. Do not be afraid to ask the opinion of your date on which he or she would prefer. Your date will like the fact that you wanted to ask his or her opinion, and you will have a better time if your date is interested in the place you choose to take him or her. Where to go on a first date is totally up to you, but it helps to sometimes have input.
  7. Flea Market: This first date idea might sound a bit casual to some, but it is a great way to casually get to know someone. If you are on a first date that is informal, the pressure just feels less.
  8. Lunch Date: Have lunch at a new restaurant in town. Experiencing a first together is a great way to do a first date. You can go casual dining or trendy dining. It is totally you and your date’s preference.
  9. Art Class: Take an art class together. Really let go and have a great time being silly and creative. Creating something can form a bond that can last. A first date tip for this first date as well as any first date would be to be yourself and let yourself have fun.
  10. Go Hiking: If you are an active person and want to show your date a great time, going on a hike through nature can be a great way to do that. Getting into the great outdoors is a terrific thing to do together. Plus you are getting outside and exercising.

Which ever of these first date ideas you choose to proceed with, remember to plan ahead and make sure you have planned for everything. Your most important goal is that your first date ideas run smoothly and are memorable, to lead to chances to come up with second date ideas. If there is so much pressure on a first date, just imagine what Adam Sandler had to deal with in the movie 50 First Dates.