Cheap Date Ideas

It is important to remember that in every relationship, togetherness is a must. Spending time with your loved one is necessary to become close as a couple. A great way to spend time with your partner is to go out on dates with your partner. This will bring you closer while you have a great time on your dates. One issue with going on lots of dates that seems to arise, however, is cost.

Rather than thinking up cheap date ideas, some people operate under the misconception that a date must be expensive if it is a real date. While this is clearly not true, this misconception often includes the need for a fancy restaurant and a 4-course meal, a costly bottle of wine, and a very expensive dozen of the finest red roses to complete the package. If this was what a couple had to go through every time they went on a date, one of two things would happen. Either the couple would live in the poor house in just a short matter of time, or the couple would go out on a date once, maybe twice a year. Many couples already do one or the other of these things because of the misconception that dates must be expensive.

Well, it is time to change all of that. There is no way a couple should not be able to spend time with each other, have a great time on a date, and get much closer together without spending a boatload of money that they do not have to spend. Getting creative with cheap date ideas and going on cheap dates are very good ways to spend time with each other while lessening the financial burden that entertainment puts on the bank accounts of some couples. When you are not financially stressed, you have a lighter attitude, and it is easier to have a fun and enjoyable time when you are with your partner.

Below is a list of the types of fun, cheap, creative date ideas that will help bring you closer to your loved one all the while not stretching your wallet beyond what it can be stretched. Once you have seen some of our date ideas, even ones that can be considered cheap, romantic date ideas, you and your partner will begin to be able to put some of these date ideas together to create your own twists on them and you will then begin to be able to come up with your own inexpensive date ideas.

10 Cheap Date Ideas

  1. Tour a Museum: Many museums are free to the public. If they aren’t free, there are plenty of museums have admission fees that are very affordable. These museums offer great exhibits from art to history. Two tickets to the history museum make for a cheap date idea that is very entertaining.
  2. Go for a Drive: Another cheap date idea is just getting out on the road and driving with your loved one. Driving can be great to check out scenery, Christmas lights, or just to go to a town you’ve never been to before.
  3. Window Shopping: This is a cheap date that you can combine with another cheap date. The previous date is to go for a drive that you have never been to before. A way to combine this date with the previous date is to go for a drive to a town you have never been to before and go window shopping in this town. Unless you see something that really catches your eye, you don’t have to spend any money to have a great time. A cheap date idea combination.
  4. View a Public Garden: Many areas have public botanical and other types of gardens. Several of these gardens are free admission, but even the ones that aren’t are affordable. This is also a great cheap date idea.
  5. Go for a Walk: Sometimes just a walk on a cool day through a park or out to sit on the end of a dock is a great cheap date to go on. Strolling and holding hands, stopping to embrace by a creek or a lake can also be a very romantic date idea.
  6. Watch a sunset: While you are taking your romantic walk, stay out until the sun sets over the lake or creek and sit arm in arm watching as it disappears behind the horizon. Great experiences like this are very cheap yet valuable in a totally different way than financial.
  7. Movie Madness Marathon: Pick a theme for the night or a certain actor that you like and you can make a movie marathon that you will both enjoy. This is very inexpensive and you can have a snuggly evening on the couch with some popcorn and the one you love.
  8. Board Games and Puzzles: Another choice of dates is to simply stay home and play board games or put together a puzzle. A sense of a little competition is a great way to have an exciting yet inexpensive date.
  9. Bike Ride: Going for a bike ride together is another good way to go on a great date without having to spend a lot of money on the date. Getting outside and getting exercise while spending time with each other is an awesome way to spend an afternoon.
  10. Group date: Getting together at mutual friends’ houses to have dinner is inexpensive as well. Having everyone bring a covered dish that they prepared makes for a great meal and a very entertaining and cheap date idea.
  11. Bonus date idea - Pizza and a movie: This may have been over done but put a twist on it by making your own pizza with one of these easy to follow pizza recipes.

Above are several inexpensive date ideas that you can mix and match. After reading these ideas, you will also be able to think of cheap date ideas that will be uniquely yours and will be a great thing for your relationship and getting closer to your loved one.