Outdoor Date Ideas

There are many ways to keep a relationship exciting. One of the best ways to do that is to keep your date ideas fresh and new. If your typical date is dinner and a movie, try to think outside the box. A date idea that you may not have thought of trying is outdoor date ideas. With this type of date idea, the possibilities are endless. There are two main types of outdoor dates: Natural and Man-made.

A natural outdoor date is something that you do that takes advantage of things that nature has to offer. Visits to national parks, trips to the lake or beach, and walks on a hiking trail are all examples of a natural outdoor date. These types of dates not only bring you an appreciation of the great outdoors, but they also bring you and your loved one closer to one another in a very special way. Outdoor Date Ideas

Man-made outdoor date ideas include outdoor facilities or experiences that are man made. These can include things like swimming in the local pool, walking through a zoo, or going to an amusement park. These types of dates are usually much more fast-paced than a natural outdoor date. Spending the day together enjoying a date like this can be a very entertaining way to get closer to your significant other.

Sometimes coming up with new and innovative date ideas is not as easy as one might think. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas for outdoor dates, here are 5 new ideas that you may not have considered. Keeping date ideas original and using a mix of natural and man-made date resources can help bring new experiences to a relationship in order to keep things interesting.

Plans for Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Date #1: Go to the fair. Typically in smaller communities, local fairs come through town once a year. Take advantage of this. Since this is a yearly event, set a date with your sweetheart to attend annually. It’s a fun thing to look forward to, but happens seldom enough to be fresh every time. Spending time at the fair riding rides, eating delicious food from concession trailers, and playing carnival games can bring back great memories and provide a fun and relaxing date idea.

Outdoor Date #2: Go pickin’. Swing by an out of the way orchard or farm and spend some time with your sweetie picking nature’s sweets. It’s quiet and relaxing, and there isn’t any interference – Just you and your honey.

Outdoor Date #3: Get Out on the Water. Find a local marina and rent a small boat or a pair of jet skis. This is a great date for relaxing the day away on a hot afternoon. Don’t feel like being a boat captain? Find a river cruise and check out nature arm-in-arm with your sweetheart.

Outdoor Date #4: Catch a movie – outdoors. Either head out to the local drive in or bring the drive in to you with a projector and makeshift screen in your own backyard. Either way, there is something about being under the stars on a clear night with your arm wrapped around your honey.

Outdoor Date #5: Go to a Ball Game. Grab a hot dog from a concession stand and hang out with your love while watching your favorite local team. Whether it be baseball or football, spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend outdoors.

It is very important to keep things interesting in any relationship. Thinking outside the box by visiting the outside is a great way to do that. Taking your boyfriend or girlfriend on an outdoor date can be cheap, easy, romantic and just plain fun.