Romantic Date Ideas

Fun date ideas are a great way to get closer as a couple. While these dates are entertaining and enjoyable, there is nothing quite like having at romantic date, one-on-one, just the two of you. The most clear romantic date is the traditional fancy dinner, wine and red roses. And while this is a great date idea and is indeed very romantic, there are many more creative and unique ways to romance your loved one. If you put your own thoughts, ideas and effort into an inexpensive romantic date idea of your own, your loved one will respond to that, often better than they would respond to the traditional dinner and dancing, simply because the idea came from you.

Romantic date ideas are out there, all you have to do is look for them. Below are several guideline date ideas that you can use to spark your own ideas. Also, the ideas below can be mixed and matched with each other to make unique ideas just for you and your date. Additionally, check out the rest of our website. We offer several different date ideas with such categories as fun date ideas and cheap date ideas, plus many others. Looking around for different types of date ideas is a great way to keep a relationship close and intimate.

When choosing a romantic date idea, remember to keep your loved one’s interests and feelings in mind, as well as the interests you both have in common. This will ensure that the date you pick will match perfectly with the things in which you mutually find joy. Don’t be afraid to ask your loved one his or her opinions and preferences, because that way you will know for sure whether or not what you are thinking about doing will please them. If you are aiming at a surprise date, it is easy to hint around a few weeks before the event to see what kind of things make your partner happy.

10 Romantic Date Ideas

  1. The Traditional Dinner and Dancing: This is when you go the whole nine yards. Tell him or her to get dressed in their best. A limo is a very nice touch for this kind of romantic date idea. Reserve a table at a favorite fancy restaurant and enjoy a bottle of wine with your meal. Flowers or another small trinket for a gift is definitely appropriate.
  2. Dance Lessons: This is a sexy and fun way to have a romantic date. Salsa dancing or other Latin dancing lessons prove to be a very sensual environment to experience a romantic date. Just the physical body contact of this style of dance is a great way to get close to your date, physically and emotionally.
  3. The Theater: Another fancy, dress-up kind of date is to go to the theater. Live shows are one of the best dates out there. Spending a few bucks and getting a great balcony seat allows you a little extra privacy for snuggling. This is an excellent, fancy, romantic date idea.
  4. Book Shop: Go roaming through an old book shop together. There is something about the smell of old books has a magical type quality. Those small book stores are cozy and intimate and you can find great topics to talk about.
  5. Meteor Shower: Watch your local weather channel for dates of meteor showers and plan an outside event. Just you and your loved one, laying out under the stars as a shower of starlight falls above you is a very romantic date. Snuggling, arms wrapped around each other, is a great way to spend the evening. Add some wine and a few snacks and you’ve got a first rate fun and romantic date idea.
  6. Hot Air Balloon Ride: If you are an adventurous couple, a hot air balloon ride will really put the world in perspective. After seeing the earth from a birds’ eye view, you will realize how small you seem in the grand scheme of things. This can bring closeness.
  7. Front Room Picnic: Spread a soft blanket on the floor in your living room and watch TV and have snacks or even dinner on the floor with your partner. This creates an intimate atmosphere and is a fun way to eat together.
  8. Campfire: Start a campfire outside and roast marshmallows and hotdogs over it. Sit by the roaring campfire and snuggle in each other’s arms. Don’t feel like roughing it outside? Sit in front of the fire place instead.
  9. Take a Bubble Bath: This is one of the most romantic of date ideas. Fill the tub with scented bubble bath and oils and soap each other down. Make it a high-class bath by sharing champagne.
  10. Cruisin’ in a Convertible: Rent your favorite kind of convertible and go for a scenic drive, cruising around your city, or going even farther. This can definitely be a romantic date idea.

Now that you have some guidelines, use your imagination to brainstorm some of your own ideas. Ask your loved one what they think about going on a romantic journey. Romantic date ideas are a great way to make your relationship sizzle.