Romantic Date Ideas in Tucson, Arizona (AZ)

Look out from an Observatory

Kitt Peak National Observatory

Highway 86 and Junction 386
Tucson, Arizona 86534
Phone: 520 318 8726
Dates: Open 7 days per week
Time: Call or visit website for times.
Look out from an Observatory
Arizona has all sorts of romantic places to take your sweetie. If you are looking to take your sweetheart on an awesome date idea in Tuscon, Kitt Peak National Observatory, the world's largest observatory, could be the way to go. The clear skies of Southern Arizona are ideal to host this marvel and provide the perfect unobstructed view. Located 56 miles southwest of Tucson on top of a rugged mountain range, Kitt Peak features the world's largest collection of telescopes and frequently contributes to important astronomical discoveries.

Take your loved one to the highest point and share a romantic kiss while looking out over the mountains. Observe everything that this beautiful area has to offer, and check out the sky far above. Not only is this a great way to get to know each other on a first date, it is also a beautiful way to spend an afternoon getting to know each other all over again if you are in a long-term relationship. Whether you have been together for many years or you have just started dating, a visit to this great attraction can certainly make for a memorable experience that will be with you for years to come.

A Day at the Elkhorn Ranch

Elkhorn Ranch

27000 W Elkhorn Ranch Road
Tucson, Arizona 85736
Phone: 520-822-1040
Dates: Open November-May
Time: Call or visit website for reservations.
A Day at the Elkhorn Ranch
Finding unique and unusual romantic date ideas is no easy task. Every relationship needs time, energy, and effort in order to thrive and succeed. Sometimes, all you can get are quick moments here and there. Sometimes, however, you can make plans to spend lots of time and if you are looking for something interesting to do with the one you love in the Tucson, Arizona area, check out the Elkhorn Ranch. With the stark beauty of the Arizona desert as its backdrop, visiting the ranch is a great opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just be with the one you love.

There is never a dull moment; whether you want to take a romantic horseback ride through the desert trails or hangout in the heated pool, the Elkhorn has something for every taste and personality type out there. Each rustic cabin is placed in a secluded location to offer the utmost in privacy which provides an intimate and romantic way to spend your days. Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest date spots in Arizona. Celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, or do it "just because". The experience is sure to be one you will not forget.

A Night on Broadway - In Tucson

Broadway in Tuscon

100 N Stone Avenue, Suite 905
Tucson, Arizona 85701
Phone: 520-903-2929
Dates: Open year round.
Time: Call or visit website for show times.
A Night on Broadway - In Tucson
A little bit of romance is necessary in every relationship. One of the best ways to be romantic is to set aside a time at least once every week for a date with your sweetie. Taking the time, effort, and thought it takes to come up with a unique and entertaining romantic date is sure to be appreciated by the one you love. Whether you have been together just a few months and are just getting to know each other, or you have been with someone for many years and know each other well, making sure you keep the romance alive in your partnership is very important for the overall health of your relationship.

Try taking your sweetie out for a night on the town by visiting Broadway in Tucson. Taking in a Broadway Show is a very exciting date idea, and Tucson has the next best choice to the real thing. Enjoy awesome shows with that have hit the New York theaters without even leaving Arizona. With talented actors and singers providing first class entertainment, this evening will surely be an evening to remember. Combine this with a romantic dinner before hand and you will have an exceptional experience.