Valentines Day Date Ideas

When you are in a romantic relationship, there are a few important dates to remember. Your partner’s birthday, your anniversary as a couple, anniversaries of first dates, and first kisses are all great days to remember to help show your partner you care and that you treasure him or her. One of the most important dates to remember, other than these, is Valentine’s Day.

Many people have trouble coming up with great Valentine’s Day dates. Maybe you do the same thing every V day and it’s getting old to your partner. Maybe you’ve tried to plan a romantic night for you and your significant other and it simply did not go well. I am sure you will find that perfect romantic idea in our list below to make this years celebration special. No matter what your date enjoys we will help you make this Valentine’s Day magical.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Walking and Star Gazing: Take a midnight snack picnic on the beach or at a lake to watch the stars. Pack some wine and cheese, maybe a few other tasty treats that your date likes, and take in the beauty of the night sky. After your picnic, take a walk down the beach or by the lake to get closer to your loved one.

Classic Dinner and Dancing: Pick a nice, quiet romantic restaurant and take your date dancing for dinner. Make reservations well ahead of Valentine’s Day to secure the location and time, then enjoy dinner and dancing with your favorite person.

Boat Ride and Dinner: Many areas offer dinner cruises. Enjoy a terrific meal and watch nature go by as you glide along a river or lake. Preferably, choose a time when you can watch the sunset after you have your romantic meal. This will be a terrific Valentine’s Day date.

Ice or Roller Skating: For the more active Valentine’s Day date, ice skating or roller skating is a great way to have a youthful time on a date. Dinner can either be at a separate location or most rinks have meals available at a snack shop in the building. This is great way to keep the theme of the whole night young and fun-loving.

Traditional Dinner and Movie Night: Ask your date about a movie he or she wants to see and get tickets. Make a sacrifice on this date and it will be shown to your date. For example, if you are a man, as much as it pains you, choose a chick-flick for her; women, take your man to that action movie he has been dying to see. It will not kill you and your date will appreciate the gesture.

Dinner at Home: Many times, creating a romantic dinner at home yourself can be much more romantic to your date than taking them to a restaurant. This type of date has a very personal feel to it. Create a favorite dish of your date, and plan a romantic, sensuous dessert.

Camping: If you and your date are the outdoorsy type, try going on an overnight camping trip for Valentine’s Day. Snuggling in a tent or roasting marshmallows over a cozy campfire could be the perfect date choice for you for this lover’s holiday. Even better would be sharing a sleeping bag overnight.

Horseback Riding: Another outdoors type of date that is very romantic for V-day is Horseback Riding. Going for a sunset ride and then having a romantic dinner for two is one of the most romantic dates. Get your date out into nature and then bring them to a favorite restaurant to eat a romantic dinner.

Wine-Tasting: A wine-tasting event can be a very romantic experience. Take your date to the local winery and enjoy tasting different types of wine and cheeses together. Ways to remember the date are pictures in front of the winery, and perhaps in front of the rows of grape vineyards. Again, sunset is a great time of day to enhance the romance of your well-planned and sweet Valentine’s Day date.

Aquarium or Planetarium: Whichever of these you choose, the lights are dim and romantic, and sea life is very beautiful. If you don’t have a place to go lie out under the stars, try the next best thing with a trip to the planetarium. This is a great way to view the beauty of the stars when nature in your area will not allow a night out under the stars. The next question is, now that you have some great Valentine’s Day date ideas, how do I make sure things go well on the date. There are always unexpected, unforeseen things that we can neither predict nor control on a date. But by taking a few steps to make your dates run smoothly can make for a great night. Here are a few tips.

Tips for a Fun Valentine’s Date Night

Plan Ahead: If you are a procrastinator who can not seem to ever do things before the last minute, if you ever get something done on time in your life, this is the time to do it. Have dinner reservations, tickets, or other necessities taken care of ahead of time. There is hardly anything worse than no reservations available on V-day, tickets being sold out, or plans falling apart because you waited until Valentine’s Day to make the plans.

Ask Your Date’s Preference: This night is all about you as a couple, but to really make an impression, make this night mostly about your date. He or she will notice the trouble you went to and it will definitely be worth your while. Go see his or her movie choice, eat at his or her favorite restaurant. Sacrificing for one night will make a difference in how your date views the night.

Devote Time: Devote all your time and attention to your date for this night. If you have children, get a babysitter; if you have other obligations, set them aside for this night. A truly devoted date will make your significant other feel great about being the center of your attention. If you must leave your cell phone or pager on to be gotten ahold of, make sure you tell the person on the other end to only call in case of an emergency. Making this night all about him or her will definitely make a difference to your date.

Appropriate Gifts: While having a Valentine’s Day date all planned out and well executed is great, don’t forget to get a gift for your valentine. The date itself cannot be treated as a gift. Even if the gift is just a flower, card, or candies, gifts are a great way to express care and love for a person. It also completes the image for your date that everything is about them this night.

Be Yourself: While Valentine’s Day dates are very formal in many cases, you can be formal without changing your personality. Chances are, your date loves you for your personality. Changing your personality can ultimately be a turn off. Be yourself and don’t be nervous. This is great advice. The best advice for the Valentine’s Day date is to remember that the purpose for the date is to show your significant other that you care about them. If you let this purpose show through your actions, no matter what happens on your date, your intentions will be known and your date will recognize that. Valentine’s Day can be a great day for a couple and with the right ideas and preparation, your Valentine’s Day date idea can happen successfully.